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Aluminium profile machining

Road signage profiles and information panels

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Aluminium profiles - Nex Line

Aluminium profiles

Nex Line has produced more than 1000 dies with weights from 30g/m up to 7800g/m. This versatility allows us to satisfy the most diverse needs by supplying both bar and custom cut profiles.

Punch Pressing - Nex Line

Punch Pressing

With five presses of 20, 30, 40 and 50 tons we can cut different types of parts, also with step-by-step feeders.

CNC milling - Nex Line

CNC milling

Our machines allow machining over 7 metres in length, with decimal tolerances. Our production and control process is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Finishing - Nex Line


We are able to supply the most different finishes: simple oxidized or painted profiles, pieces worked with paint (liquid, powder) or individually oxidized, finished chrome or gold plated pieces.

Thanks to the versatility of its equipment, Nex Line Srl is able to carry out a vast number of workings on behalf of third parties. We can start from the simple extrusion and cutting to size of a profile to design up to frames machined, assembled, painted, packaged and labelled.
We have extensive experience in the interior lighting sector. Cutting to size, punching, numerical control machining are among the main processes we offer to our customers.

Nex Line is able to carry out a large number of processing operations on behalf of third parties.

Nex Line is the best solution for those who want to have as few contacts as possible and reduce logistics costs.

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